About Dr. Barnes

Certified Family Medicine Physician

About Dr. Barnes

Dr. Tinka Barnes is a board-certified family medicine physician who practices medicine predominantly in an underserved population in the urban core. She takes the time to help her patients get to the root cause of their health conditions. Using evidence-based medicine to help transition individuals from the standard American diet to a more whole food plant-based diet. She recently started her company Veginar PLLC, that focuses on delivering colorful culturally sensitive seminars and workshops focusing on whole food plant-based nutrition and movement as medicine.

Dr. Tinka Barnes is an alumnus of Jackson State University with a BS in Biology. She graduated from medical school at the University of Kansas, began her internship at LSU in New Orleans in 2003, survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005, and then returned to the University of Kansas to complete her residency.

Being the mother of four beautiful boys, and the wife of an award winning author (Derrick Barnes), has been exciting and helps to keep her motivated and focused.

Speaking Engagements

July 16,2021Chef AJ live
April 16, 202133rd Diabetes conference: Managing Diabetes Care Through Tough Times- Meeting the challenge!
Jan 23 2021Your Year to W.O.W” Virtual Novant- Health Fair
November 16, 2020Yumlish Podcast
September 17, 2020Reclaim Your Health Summit, Benefits of Physical Activity and Exercise
6/17/2020Charlotte Black Film Festival Panel Discussion with film maker Charles Mattock: Diabetes, Covid-19, and the Black Community
March - December 2020Monthly Covid-19 updates on Instagram and Facebook
Vegucation Workshop Gastonia NC 5/2019Organized a multispecialty presentation for the community including live vegan cooking demonstrations.
Vegucation Workshop Gastonia NC 11/2018Organized a multispecialty presentation for the community including live vegan cooking demonstrations.